Introducing new jewellery collection – The Nature Collection

Taking influence from natural beauty – the Mother Nature.

In a world compelled by natural beauty, natural forms and natural desire Monartti launches brand new amber jewellery collection – The Nature Collection.

The Nature Collection, Monartti Jewellery

Inspired by the Mother Nature. The Nature Collection, Monartti Jewellery

An alluring alternative to autumn winter style with designs inspired by natures elements, the collection takes inspiration from everything around us. From delicate flowers through flying and crawling creatures to amazing animals – the life surrounding us depicts the main accent behind this collection. From striking Bee Amber Silver Pendants, through cocktail rings like Spider Amber Silver Ring to breathtaking Snail Amber Silver statement necklaces or cuffs. 

The collection continues our fusion of classic sophistication twisted within contemporary designs, adding a modern day edge to timeless elegance. All jewellery pieces are crafted of fine sterling silver and deep, mysterious Baltic amber stones.

The collection stands at the very pinnacle of individuality with its arrangement of tones, mediums and striking shapes. Perfect for special occasions with simple ensembles or as a finishing touch to winter casual wears of thick knits, The Nature Collection’s strong silhouettes compliment all arrangements.

“Celebrate the beauty of the world which surrounds us”