As with everything that is precious our sterling silver and amber jewels must be treated with respect and taken good care of. Therefore, we recommend that you follow these simple steps so your beloved jewels will keep shining and bringing you the same joy as on the day you bought them.

  • Apply cosmetics, perfume, and hairspray before putting on your amber jewellery; frequent exposure to chemicals can ruin the finish of your amber permanently; 
  • Do not expose amber to extreme temperatures or widely fluctuating temperatures, as the amber may crack; 
  • Remove your jewellery when swimming, showering & bathing as Chlorine is very harsh on all precious material, including silver and amber; 
  • Avoid washing and moisturising your hands whilst wearing your rings. The product can build up on your jewellery and cause staining; 
  • Store your silver amber jewellery separately from any other jewellery in a clean and dry box or cloth pouch, as sharp jewellery pieces may scratch and damage amber. This also helps prevent silver from tarnishing and ensure it stays nice and shiny; 
  • Rub the amber gently with olive oil to restore lustre and use a soft cloth to remove excess oil; 
  • Use warm water and a soft flannel cloth to gently wipe dirt and smudges from amber settings. Never use soaps, detergents, or ultrasonic cleaners! If silver tarnish, use a polishing cloth to polish it. Never use liquid jewellery cleaners or sprays!