Are you a social media addict? Cannot live without Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Myspace, Yahoo, Mixx, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Digg, Delicious, Google Bookmarks? Do you just love to share with your friends things you love? Let your friends know about us and our jewellery, share the pieces you love with them and earn discounts on our jewellery all year round! The more you share the greater discounts you will get, and so can your friends!

Social Media Discounts, Monartti Jewellery

  1. You create a customer account. No purchase necessary.
  2. You refer at least 20 of your friends to us, sharing a personal invitation link.  
  3. Your friends visit our website by clicking on the shared link. 
  4. You will get £10 discount voucher to be used on Your friends don't have to register with us or place any orders in order for you to qualify. However if they create a customer account with us they can earn discounts too!
  5. You personal referral link will be issued to you upon creation your customer account with us.
  6. You can share the referral link with your friends via social media directly from your customer account, simply log into 'My Account', go to 'Social Discounts' section and choose an icon of social media your want to share the line on. Your can share the link by your own means, simply copy/ paste the link into your posts or emails.
  7. You can refer your friends to us all year round and earn discount vouchers all year round. The more friends you have referred to us, the greater discounts you will get. Your discount voucher will be generated every 20 new friends who visit our website. 
  8. You have full access into statistics of your referrals! Sign into your account at any time to see how many of your friends clicked on the shared link and visited our website and the discount your have earned.
  9. Only one voucher can be used per order and codes can only be applied to full price product(s)
  10. Vouchers are non-transferrable and no cash alternative is available
  11. Vouchers are valid for 14 days from the moment of issue.