As our dreams turn into reality...

Monartti's jewellery is an explicit expression of our fascination and love for gemstones, fine art, re-living everyday fashion and affordable luxury. We want to share this love by bringing to you the bliss of owning genuine Baltic amber jewellery and benefiting from its natural beauty, uniqueness and healing properties.

'Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered' - Giorgio Armani

Luxury Amber Jewellery, Monartti Jewellery
As much as we all try to express our style to stand out, we all know this unpleasant feeling of wearing similar mass-produced outfits, jewellery, accessories. We do our best to embrace our uniqueness and to be remembered. With this in mind don't we value more and more handcrafted, natural and meaningful jewellery? That jewellery that not only adorns us but makes our attire complete in the truest sense. Whether it is a regular day at work or a special evening, our amber jewellery will not only set you apart from the crowd in just no time, but will put a smile on your face and bring a sparkle into your eyes, knowing you are wearing truly unique jewel reflecting millions of years of history. And can it be a better way to be remembered than a beautiful genuine smile and happy sparkling eyes?

With our mesmerising amber jewellery, you take with yourself, the sapphires of the deep lakes, the greens of the bright meadows and the purity of the sunset, wherever you go. Their uniqueness, natural sheen, vibrant colours with nature's own brush strokes, are worthy of many 'sneaking' glances. Strong designs are bold and contemporary, simple yet timelessly elegant and sophisticated. Our jewellery selection of statement amber pendant necklaces and spectacular silver cuffs, through graceful and stylish bracelets and cocktail rings to enchanting silver drop earrings for those special delicate 'ladies' dine out, are just some of the many, we have for you to choose from.

Luxury Amber Jewellery, Monartti Jewellery

We believe there is no better combination than unique amber stones, timeless sterling silver settings and exceptional craftsmanship. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality and exclusive designs, and we do so by sourcing and entering into relationships only with suppliers who are members of the International Amber Association or Polish Amber of Commerce using only genuine Baltic Amber, to ensure we offer you the best quality of Baltic amber jewellery. The certificate can be issued upon request.

Not only jewellery for the ladies

Alongside the enchanting women jewellery collections, we also have, waiting for you, a seductive and sophisticated men's jewellery collection for the man of your life. These exclusive cufflinks and tie clips in sterling silver are perfect for everyday corporate wear and any special occasion. And for those more casual wearers we have silver rings and amber men's necklaces.

Our offer does not end there. For those who have it all, we have a special selection of luxuries made to order amber adornments, perfect for a wedding of a close one, for the special bride or groom's mother or even a business partner. From decorative silver spoons and letter openers, exclusive business cards holders, amber chess sets to exquisite decorative statutes, we have so many gifts just waiting to be selected and treasured.

Whatever you choose, a statement necklace or cuff, timeless bracelet or cocktail ring, elegant pendant or earrings; the individuality of every decadent piece of amber jewellery has so much to say, with its reflection of millions of years of its history through its effervescent contours and distinctive colour pallets of creamy beiges, through more citrus tones with biting glints of golds and greens to deep reds. The combination of pure silver along with amber stones come together to become a beautiful story of art and the Earth's very own wisdom and power.

Our jewels are as powerful and unique as you are!

Please note that all of our jewellery is handmade and Baltic amber is a natural gemstone, therefore actual size, shape and colour of amber stones may differ slightly from the photo.

If you fall in love with a design but wish to have it made with a different amber stone colour, contact us at and we will do all we can to make your dream come true.